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The perfect summer coat

Today I wanted to tell you about my successful conquest to find a summer coat (finally). Who needs a summer coat you might ask? Well any fellow british gals will know, our seasons are so unpredictable over here in the UK that you could be pulling out a summer dress in November and need a Winter jacket come June. This can be such a nightmare when your trying to keep up with the latest season trends, I for one am loving the jelly shoe craze at the minute, but here in the UK there isn’t enough opportunities to where them. 

Last Winter I bought two coats, one being a leather sleeved boyfriend style and the other a burgundy fitted coat with detachable fur collar, as you can imagine, they aren't really appropriate for spring/summer. When the weather is rubbish (which is quite often the case) you want a coat that is on trend and comfortable, without being to heavy but warm enough to take off the chill in the air and protect you from the rain. Typical british weather, ay. I searched everywhere for one that I liked but nothing really stuck out at me, after countless fitting rooms and online purchases then returns I had pretty much give up. 

When I was contacted by a representative at Joe Browns to check out there latest collection, I fell in love with this coat*. it is literally the perfect summer coat for me. 

The camel colour makes it perfect for summery outfits that are mainly bright colours or pale jeans, that said it also looks so smart and put together with some dark blue denim jeans. The floral detailing repeated on the cuffs and up the inner zip seam really adds a touch of femininity whilst still keeping it very versatile and casual.

Finally, lets just take a moment to appreciate this lining. I know its inside and you never get to see but isn't this just lush. I am a sucker for a good lining, it's a little like matching under wear. No one can see it but you know it's there and it makes you feel more confident. The added details of this coat really add to the quality of the piece.

Joe Browns offer a wide range of unique clothing for both men and women, if you haven't already checked them out I'd definitely recommend them. The service is 1st class. A huge thanks to them for sending me this coat, I can't believe after all the searching for the perfect summer coat I finally found one and I love it :)

Have you found your staple summer coat this season? If so where was it from?


*This coat was gifted to me from Joe Browns, as always all opinions are 100% my own

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  1. Cute! Love the floral detailing on the inside of this coat (obvs...). Stylish lady! My staple summer coat is similar to yours - has to be my cream mac, which is wind proof (much needed for walking over the Thames!).

    Mel x

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