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Lost and found

As you've probably noticed I've not been very present on my blog over the past month or two. I thought before I get back into posting I'd fill you in on where I've been. The long and short of it is, I needed a break. I've been blogging now for just over a year and in that time have met so many inspiring people and had some incredible opportunities, however, I feel that over the past few months I'd lost touch with why I started my blog and what it meant to me. 

It was actually the below video that sparked my decision to take a little break, its incredibly inspiring.

My main purpose for starting my blog was to meet like minded people who shared the same interests as me. To have people to talk to about my latest makeup crazes and to tell you all about products that I'm loving. as well as sharing experiences and it generally being my little journal.

I think I'd got a little wrapped up in the whole hype and was really starting to pressure myself about the times I was posting, worrying to much about consistency and not the content. Feeling like I had to write when actually this is my little space of the internet and anyone who likes my writing style will want to read what I have to say, regardless of when I post it. 

I do think I'ts important to have some consistency and will definitely be aiming for this but I've decided to not put so much pressure on myself going forwards :)

So theres a little update for you, I'm back to it and will be posting regularly again! keep an eye out for some new features soon too, I'm looking for someone to do some amendments to my current layout (I'm no good with these things).  If you know of anyone, please let me know in the comments.

I thought I'd leave you with a really inspiring video I saw yesterday, this guy really cheered me up :)



  1. Don't worry Sophie, we all need a break sometimes and they do help :-) Glad you're back anyways! Don't feel pressurised; it's your blog lovely. We enjoy reading your posts. Hope you're well.

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. I have been feeling the exact same! I think sometimes you have to take a step back from the hype of it all to realise what you want. I blog for fun and have also been pressuring myself to blog more and tbh I really don't want to be a full time blogger.

    Glad you're back! x


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