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JOIN ME: 25 things I'm going to do this summer

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Some of you may have seen Alfie Deyes from Pointless Blogs recent video. He pledged to do 25 things this summer, take pictures and write about them in a little notebook. Im a really sentimental, borderline cheesy person, so thought this was the best idea I'd heard for a while and was definitely in on it. With that said I went out, bought myself a pretty little notebook and spent all of last week coming up with the 25 things I'm going to do this summer.

So heres the plan. I'm going to list below the 25 things I'm going to aim to do over summer. For each one I'm going to take a picture and write about it in my little notebook and at the end of the summer ill have a little book filled with all my memories of summer 2014 that I can treasure forever :) awww. Along with that I'll be sharing them on here for you all to see what I got up to.

I thought it would be a great idea for us to all do this together. Whether you want to just make a pledge to try and do 25 things that get you outside and doing something different, or like me you want to write post about each thing you checked of your list. Maybe you just want to read them, either way we can all keep track together using the hashtag thats floating around - #25thingstodothissummer and it will be lovely to read about all the great things we've got up to, don't you think?

This summer I am going to:

1. Go on a rowing boat

2. Go camping

3. Feed ducks

4. Bake a cake

5. Watch the sun rise

6. Roast marshmallows

7. Build a sandcastle

8. Star gaze

9. Go on an adventure to somewhere new

10. Watch the sunset

11. Find a place, sit with a pad and draw

12. Have a water fight

13. Go to a zoo/safari park

14. Plant a flower in the garden

15. Have a BBQ

16. Write a pen pal

17. Go to a water park

18. Make my own ice lollies

19. Have a picnic

20. Take all my nieces and nephews out together

21. Go to a museum

22. Go on a bus to an unknown destination

23. Go on a bike ride

24. Go to an outdoor market

25. Volunteer

So theres the 25 things I'm going to do this summer. I think this is such a great idea to get me away from technology and doing something outside. Some of these things I might do together, either way ill be sure to update you as I do them :)

It would be great if we could get a little group of us together and I'd love to here what you want to do this summer. I thought it would be nice fore those wanting to take part to tag 5 people they'd like to see join in.

The people I tag are:


Please leave links below if you've done this, I'd love to here what your planning on getting up to ... x
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