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Update your wardrobe: Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer

Autumn Winter - Spring Summer wardrobe shoes Transition organising

The older I get, the more my organising (borderline obsessive) tendencies seem to make an appearance. I've never really been one to bother with the change in seasons, but with social platforms such as Instagram throwing amazing fashion down your neck, its hard not to get sucked in, especially when you live in a world full of blossoming fashionistas. This year, I decided to 'get with it' and transition my wardrobe from Autumn/winter to Spring/Summer. Unfortunately this means my beloved 'go with anything' knee boots were banished to the under-bed shoe draw, meaning I have no choice but to choose more fashion/season appropriate items. Heres what I did to update my wardrobe from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer.

Empty my complete wardrobe
Yes you heard right, regrettably I emptied my ENTIRE wardrobe, I have to do this so I don't stop halfway through, something I do way too often. Below is what my wardrobe looked like before its makeover..

Autumn Winter Shoes Boots Aldo

Autumn winter Wardrobe 2013

I always keep my most worn shoes on my top shelf in my wardrobe, it makes it easy for me to decide what goes with my outfit and then when I get home just put them back, rather than having to open my under-bed shoe draw. 

As you can see my wardrobe was very dark and grungy. Lots of magenta, leather sleeves and plaid patterns. Not at all fitting with the changing seasons.

Get out last Summer's
For me, one thing I am pretty good at is putting all my swimsuits and dresses in a suitcase and storing them under the bed. For no other reason, other than the fact my wardrobe simply doesn't have space for it all. So its time to get the boyfriend under the bed and drag all of that out too :) once I have everything out its time for...

This was by FAR the best part of this long and tedious process, I spent a good few hours trying EVERYTHING on. I blasted some of my favourite tunes and had a good ol' time parading up and down my upstairs hallway putting on my very own fashion show haha. Every item I tried on I assigned a pile.

Sell, Store, Salvation

organising wardrobe sell store salvation army

Like I said, after trying on every item I assigned it a pile. Sell, Store and Salvation. Pretty self explanatory. Any items that I've worn to much, don't fit, are out of season or I've just changed my mind about (something I do A LOT) they all go to the sell pile. Any items that I love, but are not really season appropriate but will come back in next year, go in the store pile. Then I have a pile of 'not good enough to sell, to good to throw away' items, these all went to my chosen charity. The Salvation Army.

Wash, Dry & Iron
Definitely the worst part of this process. All the items from the suitcase full of Spring/Summer items, had been sat in suitcase for 12 months so definitely needed a freshen up. I put them on a fast 30 degree wash, dried them and then had to sit and iron them Eurghhh!!

Once thats all out of the way, its time to put all your season appropriate items on display.

Spring Summer shoes

SS14 Spring Summer Wardrobe

And here is the finished product. It was one hell of an ordeal but I'm so glad I did it. Waking up every morning and looking at this array of colour certainly gets me in the mood for a productive day. If only the weather would agree with this. Damn you British weather. 

So with all of that organised the only things left to do are...

Ebay run: All the items in your sale pile, upload them to Ebay and make some of that holiday spending money. Its amazing how much you can earn from some clothes you would otherwise throw 

Pack it up: The 'store' pile needs to be packed and hidden under the bed in a suitcase ready for next year. For me all my shoes go in my under bed draw. 

Charity delivery: I delivered all the items no longer wanted to the salvation army who were very thankful for my donation.

And voila..

Thats exactly how I transformed my wardrobe from Autumn/Winter 2013 to Spring/Summer 2014. It honestly feels great to be so organised.

Have you changed out your wardrobe yet? Whats your staple item this Spring/Summer?

P.S What do you think to the bigger font? keep it or go back? let me know in the comments below :) 


Mila Kunis inspired makeup tutorial

Hello lovely ones :)

I hope your all well and had a fabulous easter with your families. I ate way to much chocolate and am back on my detox to get rid of those Lindt chocolates (whoops) there just oh so good though!! Anyway, before I make myself hungry, lets get onto topic ... Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis has had a strong presence in the magazines recently, what with all this Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore malarky. Its hard not to admire the gorgeous woman don't you think? I love that she is this private girl next door by day, but by night she transforms into this beautiful goddess.

I love the deep smokey eye and highly contoured look so I decided to recreate it for you all :)

I really hope you all enjoyed this! please send me pictures on twitter or instagram if you recreate this look.

See you sunday Beauts

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