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How I got nails of steel

How to get strong nails

We all have the desire to have healthy nails don't we? for me, I've tried several fixes to give me healthy, strong and fast growing nails, including herbal remedies. Everything I've tried previously worked for a while, but after a few short weeks my nails would return to their usual state. I had never found anything to fit into my routine that didn't include taking a daily vitamin or supplement. I had just excepted that was the way they were and got on with my weekly mini-mani's.

When I was contacted to try out the Nail Magic nail hardener and conditioner, I was of course dubious, but with nothing to lose I accepted the gift. 

Ill be honest, this wasn't one of those PR's I was desperate to try immediately and it had sat on my 'To Try' pile for a while. That was until I had ran out of base coat and was looking for anything to use as a replacement. I came across my nail magic and had a little look at the instructions where I found out it could be used as a base and top coat! great news. Following the directions I applied one coat, followed by my nail polish before applying it as a top coat also. 

To be honest it had just fell into my routine and I was really enjoying the product, and although my nails were starting to grow a little faster and didn't break quite so easy it wasn't one of those products that I was dying to write a review about. That was until two weeks ago. 

I had some acrylics done by a friends training sister, after about a week one had fell off and due to me not being able to schedule a new appointment, I proceeded to bite each one off. I'm sure most of you have done the exact same thing, and the result is always the same. Rough, weak and sore nails lie miserably underneath. Not for me, not this time. My nails were exactly the same as they had been before, with no soreness. I just couldn't understand it. 

It wasn't until last week when my Sunday routine popped around again and I got my Nail Magic out to apply as a base coat that I realised, this little beauty was the reason for my strong nails not being destroyed by those acrylics. There is no other explanation as to why they were fighting fit after chewing the extensions off. 

Now this little pot of magic is a holy grail in my routine and I truly believe in its ability to strengthen and condition your natural nail. Its so simple to include in my routine as a base coat, all the while its giving me nails of steel. I'm only sorry that it took me so long to try it out!

If you would like to purchase the Nail Magic nail hardener and conditioner, you can order here 


* This product was gifted to me, however as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 
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