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The best cinema in the midlands

Bit of a different post today, but something I'm really excited to share with you. I had such a great experience, it would be rude not to give my midlands followers a heads up on a great way to spend an evening.

I'd been planning to go to the cinema to see the much awaited, Me Before You (honestly an amazing film you should go see it, and read the book too) for weeks. Having read the book about 3 years ago, I knew I was going to absolutely love it. I'd heard of the Everyman cinema and knew this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.  

If you're from the midlands, I'm sure you're aware of the Mailbox and how it recently had a complete overhaul. As part of that, they introduced the Everyman cinema, a chain of cinema's all over the UK that offer the luxury experience, including sofa's & decent food. I have to be honest I'd never really bought into the idea, mainly because I'm tight and cinema's always cost what seems like a fortune, to just sit and watch a movie. however, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I discovered tickets were only £13 each. I think that's actually fairly reasonable when you compare it with a round of drinks in the Mailbox. 

On arrival we quickly gave our reservation number and headed straight for the bar where drinks as always were on the steep side, however the food was again really reasonable. You make your order, settle your bill and head straight for your sofa in whichever screen your film is showing. It really is rather luxurious. 

The seats are so spacious and comfortable, they even provide a little foot rest on the back of the seat in front and a small round table on either side of your sofa for drinks, Its just a whole world away from your standard Odeon cinema experience. After the novelty had started to die down and we were around 5 minutes from the start of the film in comes one of the staff and brings our meals straight to our sofa. The food was absolutely gorgeous and a perfect way to start the film, If your a fan of halloumi I massively recommend you order a plate.. or two! It was incredible! I had just about enough time to finish shoveling grilled cheese down my neck, before I was balling my eyes out to the film haha. 

I honestly couldn't recommend the Everyman cinema enough. I had a great time and if your going out with the girls, its a great way to start the evening early, before heading to a few bars in the Mailbox. Don't get me wrong I will still head to an Odeon for the majority of films, but for a treat, this is perfect! 

Have you got any Midlands based places you like to visit as a treat? I'd love to hear them

As always, thanks so much for reading!



I moved to London for my dream job

I moved to London. I know. Pinch me. I literally cannot believe I finally did it!
After the initial few weeks of feeling horrendously home sick, unsettled and if I’m quite honest completely TERRIFIED. I finally feel like I’ve settled in and I BLOODY love it! I will be doing some advice posts on the big move, in the coming months, so keep a look out for those.
In todays post though, I thought I’d share a few of the reasons I moved here along with a couple of pictures I’ve taken in this incredible city so far!

I was ready to leave home

So the first thing and probably the biggest! At approaching 25, I was so ready to move out of my parent and go it alone! Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my Mom and Dad, and leaving was actually so sad, but I think there comes a point for all of us, where you just want to be self sufficient.
Living at home I realised how even though I didn’t need to be, I was quite dependant on my parents. I knew if I forgot my keys, I could ring the bell until someone let me in. I could spend crazy amounts on shoes and make-up because when I had spent out, I could just go ask mom to sub me some money until the end of the month. And if I couldn’t be bothered to make food, she would sort me out. This kind of reassurance definitely makes you somewhat lazy.
Now though, and only a month in. I feel so empowered and self sufficient! I know my parents will always be there to support me, but I feel more determined than ever to look after myself. And that feeling is honestly THE BEST!

It’s an Experience

I had an opportunity and I took it by the balls! Yes, I could of stayed in a financially comfortable job, enjoying a social life at weekends. But anyone who knows me well, knows I have always been the person that wants MORE. If I’m honest, every night for as long as I can remember, I would go to bed and think ‘there has to be more to life than just this’. That might sound ungrateful but it isn’t meant that way, I have just always felt that their was a bigger purpose for me than anything my hometown had to offer.
Yes, the thought of just leaving my family, my dogs, my friends, hell my entire life was absolutely terrifying. But it was a risk I was willing to take, just to say I gave it a go. I made that mistake too many times before. I think when you have wasted years on relationships with guys who would rather gamble your future away, had friends who don’t want the best for you and spent far to much time worrying about everyone else but yourself. You get to a stage where, you know that the solid people in your life will love and support you whatever you do. So if it all goes Pete Tong, those are the people that will be there to love you and make it all better, regardless. And that I am so grateful for, those people are definitely part of the reason I had the confidence to do this!

I got the dream job

Saving the best until last and all that! Its of course the reason I was able to move here altogether, the dream job with the amazing Blogosphere Magazine. It’s crazy that 3 years ago when I took the job working for a travel magazine, I had the thought. ‘its OK, Although I’m not obsessed with the industry, I will learn skills that will get me where I want to be’.
Who knew then, I would end up landing the job of my dreams with such an amazing company. It’s something I am super proud of. Being a part of the magazine going from strength to strength is really exciting. The team at Blogosphere have been so welcoming, they really are great. It so inspiring to be a part of such a creative team and I’m super excited about the future 🙂

And there you have it, Im here, I MADE IT! FINALLY!

The future looks to be exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you all along the way.

As I mentioned earlier. I’ll be writing more about what the big move has taught me that will hopefully help you too. So keep your eyes out for those.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to include them 🙂
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