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How I got nails of steel

How to get strong nails

We all have the desire to have healthy nails don't we? for me, I've tried several fixes to give me healthy, strong and fast growing nails, including herbal remedies. Everything I've tried previously worked for a while, but after a few short weeks my nails would return to their usual state. I had never found anything to fit into my routine that didn't include taking a daily vitamin or supplement. I had just excepted that was the way they were and got on with my weekly mini-mani's.

When I was contacted to try out the Nail Magic nail hardener and conditioner, I was of course dubious, but with nothing to lose I accepted the gift. 

Ill be honest, this wasn't one of those PR's I was desperate to try immediately and it had sat on my 'To Try' pile for a while. That was until I had ran out of base coat and was looking for anything to use as a replacement. I came across my nail magic and had a little look at the instructions where I found out it could be used as a base and top coat! great news. Following the directions I applied one coat, followed by my nail polish before applying it as a top coat also. 

To be honest it had just fell into my routine and I was really enjoying the product, and although my nails were starting to grow a little faster and didn't break quite so easy it wasn't one of those products that I was dying to write a review about. That was until two weeks ago. 

I had some acrylics done by a friends training sister, after about a week one had fell off and due to me not being able to schedule a new appointment, I proceeded to bite each one off. I'm sure most of you have done the exact same thing, and the result is always the same. Rough, weak and sore nails lie miserably underneath. Not for me, not this time. My nails were exactly the same as they had been before, with no soreness. I just couldn't understand it. 

It wasn't until last week when my Sunday routine popped around again and I got my Nail Magic out to apply as a base coat that I realised, this little beauty was the reason for my strong nails not being destroyed by those acrylics. There is no other explanation as to why they were fighting fit after chewing the extensions off. 

Now this little pot of magic is a holy grail in my routine and I truly believe in its ability to strengthen and condition your natural nail. Its so simple to include in my routine as a base coat, all the while its giving me nails of steel. I'm only sorry that it took me so long to try it out!

If you would like to purchase the Nail Magic nail hardener and conditioner, you can order here 


* This product was gifted to me, however as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 
please see full disclaimer for more information

Fashion Finds: The Knee High Boot

Nine West Knee High Boots

If you didn't already know, Im 5"9' tall. Yes. I know, I'm a giant in comparison to most women, and I HATE it. But unless they revolutionise plastic surgery to enable me to be my ideal height * insert praying emoji here* then it looks like I'm stuck with it. One of the many issues that comes along with being tall is finding boots.

I've wanted a pair of knee high boots for a while but everything I tried was either to tight on the leg, to big or TOO SHORT. knee high looking boots that barley cover your calf is not a good look.

On boxing day Elliott and I went into town to try and catch some bargains. And boy did I find one in these beauties. On a whim, I decided to head to over to the Nine West counter in Debenhams. Honestly, it was love at first sight. They had just one pair left in my size and when I tried them on I knew it was meant to be :)

If like me your tall, or have big calfs then these a great. They are stretchy, so comfortably fit around my leg as well as being a good height. Although they don't cover my knee they are the closest I'm ever going to get. These are still available in Debenhams and at a bargain of £70 down from £150, they are a real steal.

I love the suede panel at the from which is then used as a strip down the back. They are comfortable, on trend and perfect to pull together any outfit. I love them!

Did you manage to pick up any bargains in the January sales?


An EPIC Adventure to Brighton

So yesterday me and my blogging bestie Holly from I2Style, decided to take a road trip to the coast. We had planned on going to Barmouth for the day but in a spontaneous decision, changed our plans to Brighton. We set of with a picnic all packed and headed to the beach.

On arrival we were so excited, listening to Mike Dignam - Great Escape the whole way :) We got to the beach and stood for a while taking it all in. I don't know about you, but for me, being by the coast really calms me. I'd love to live there in a few years.

We then went for a walk down the pier and had a go on the dance mats, the merry-go-round and followed it up with a gorgeous banana and nutella crepe. It was delicious.

I love the lanes, theres something so quirky about them. There is such a great array of stores and cute little cafes. We had a good walk round and then went for a gorgeous meal at Bella Italia before heading back home.

Brighton is a lovely place, although it wasn't quite what I expected. I much prefer the side nearer Hove (right of the pier) I could definitely see myself living their in the future. The beach was beautiful and calming. It's just right up my street.

Anyway, I thought Id share with you some of the pictures I took :)


Do you have a safe place that makes you feel calm and happy? Let me know in the comments below

where it is

Whats in my bag | Eskay Beauty

If you follow me on my Youtube channel as well, then you may already know that I have tried to up my game in 2015 and am uploading every Thursday. So far its going really well. But it is only the second week. haha. 

In this weeks instalment I uploaded a Whats In My Bag. I love watching these videos, but have never really had a bag I love enough to show you around. Until I found this Michael Kors Beauty :) 

I really hope you enjoy the video. Please leave me a comment and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. And let me know in the comments below what you handbag beauty staple is. 


The Bloggers Hub Social Media Show - OOTD | Eskay Beauty

I was recently contacted by The Bloggers Hub to get involved in their social media show. I thought it would be great way for me to get involved with the community and see some similar posts from other bloggers.
I put this outfit together for you for which I think is perfect for a warmer winter day but also has a touch of spring... can you tell I'm desperate for winter to do one. Haha. Hope you like it :)

I put this outfit together with spring in mind, it was quite a mild day so I was feeling inspired. I absolutely love this top but it can be a little tricky, as it has a lace front which is pretty see through, so you definitely have to bear that in mind when your selecting your bra. Louise Ferdinand Lingerie kindly sent me a lace bra and briefs set which went perfectly with this top, meaning I can now wear it without worrying about awkwardly showing a bright pink bra. I really like the set, however I would say the sizes come in quite small and the price is quite high. but I think thats something you have to expect when a product is handmade. 

Lingerie Set: Louise Ferdinand*
Top: F&F
Jacket: F&F
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Next
Bag: Next

As for Make-up, Im obsessed with purple tones at the minute, so I went for this deep smokey eye with a coral lip.
As some of you know, I've been suffering with acne for over a year now. I have been lucky enough to receive treatment but unfortunately this makeup is very deceiving, under it all, its still quite present. Makeup Nails Tan kindly sent me the corrector & concealer palette which works to correct tones with a counter acting colours. As you can see from the picture above, there are raised lumps, but I have corrected the redness with this palette. I love it. On my eyes I used the Naked pallets Toasted, Hustle and creep in the outer corner to smoke it out.

Conceal and correct: BH Cosmetics*
Foundation: Loreal True Match
Blusher: Avon (Revitalised)
Eyeshadow: Naked Original 
Eyeliner: Rimmel
Brows: Benefit Brow Zings
Lipgloss: Tanya Burr Picnic in the park

Let me know in the comments below if your involved in The Bloggers Love Social Media Show, and don't forget to link your posts. If not, join in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag: #BHTWITTERPARTY 


Make Green Eyes Pop | Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon

This was my first purchase from Charlotte Tilbury, and will be one of many..
I've never really been one to succumb to the 'it' products on the market. I tend to make choices based on what budget I've got left from my wages and what I fancy trying out. I went to the Autumn Winter Fashion Show at the Bullring with Paige and we did a spot of shopping after. When we went over to the Charlotte Tilbury stand, we had a lipstick demo. However I'm not really a lipstick lover, although I love a good bold lip, I tend to stay with what I know. I am however, all for anything eye related.

When I saw the collection of Colour Chameleon pencils, I was in full blown beauty blogger mode. My hand looked like a palette in itself. Haha. It was a tricky pick between Bronzed Garnet and Amethyst Aphrodisiac, but the sales assistant recommended the latter, and that was it. SOLD - to the sheepish CT newby..

I couldn't wait to try this out when I got home and over the past few months I've experimented with this gorgeous product quite a lot. Its smooth consistency makes for easy application around the delicate eye area and the beautiful colour really does make green eyes pop. Here's some of the ways I've enjoyed wearing this product.

Applying a neutral shadow to the outer corners of the eye (I like to use Naked buck), then sweep this under the lower lash line for a pop of colour.

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Also apply it to the upper lash line without eyeshadow for a quick and easy look

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Full lid
pretty self explanatory. Just apply the pencil to the complete upper eyelid, blending the edges with your finger.

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Smokey eye
This has to be my favourite. It's so quick and simple and with only one product you can carry this around in your handbag for that really easy last minute day to night look. Simply apply some to the inner corner of the eye and blend out. then from the centre of the lid and blend a little less. then finally apply to the outer corner and not blend at all. apply a little to the lower lash line and voila. the perfect one product smokey eye.

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Overall I absolutely love this product, well done Charlotte Tilbury. I can believe I waited so long. This one is from the green eye collection. I really want to try them all out though now. It's quite steep at £19 but when you consider the use you'll get from it. I'd say its definitely worth the splurge.

What is your go to easy product that you carry around with you? Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon?


New Year, New Start.

New Year New Start Eskay Beauty

Every year we hear the same old thing of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves, something we like to call new years resolutions. A day, 1st January, just like every other day, all except we decide to change something about ourselves. Some people manage to keep up with there resolution, but the vast majority fail miserably. I think I've had the same resolution for the past 5 years. Lose weight. yeah, still not there yet! whoops.

Something that I do every single year though, that I just do, without a second thought, is a big clear out. A bit like a spring clean. Here's a list of the things I like to do, to help clear out my space ready for a fresh start in the new year. 

Clear out your old clothes

I go through everything, even PJ's, Pants and Socks and throw out anything that I no longer wear, haven't worn in a while, or quite frankly has had its day. 

Sort through all draws

For me this is paramount, I have a LOT of draws, living with my parents means I need the storage. I like to do a full clear out, take everything out, sort through what to keep and what to give away and what to throw out, this leads me onto my next point. 

Give away old products

I have a LOT of products, most of which its impossible to use. so once I've gone through all my draws, I will collect all the products to 'give away' into a bag and go around my friends and family giving them dibs on the products. 

Organise Finances

This is essential I think, this gives me such mental clarity going into the new year. I lie to plan out what exactly my income is and what my outgoings are and decide exactly what I want to do with the rest of my money every month. the envelope technique is great. Withdraw all your money for different things and divide it between envelopes. So you can go to the petrol envelope when you need petrol and your food envelope when you need food, and so on. Its a really great way to feel organised and in control of your finances. 

Full Body Pamper

Probably my favourite of the lot. A full body pamper, the perfect way to feel awesome when you have to roll back into the office for your first day back. I like to do the lot. Hair mask, Skin mask, deep exfoliate, trim cuticles, buff nails, full mani/pedi. Not forgetting the plucking of eyebrows.


Now I know I said I've had the same resolution for the past 5 years, and yes, its true. but clearly its still something I'd like to change. Maybe this year I'll try and be a little more realistic. 

     - Lose 3st
     - Drink Water
     - Be Creative
     - Read More
     - Stick to my Blog Schedule
And there we have it :) 

Thats what I do to kick start me with a great year ahead. Have you set a resolution? If so, What is it? 



Goodbye 2014 ... Hello 2015

Goodbye 2014 ... Hello 2015 | Eskaybeauty

Hey beauties, long time no speak. I know, I'm rubbish. But I do have a fairly reasonable excuse. I started a new job and wanted to put all my efforts into that for the first few months. So I'm back and raring to go with lots of content ideas for 2015 :)

Some of you may remember the post I did last year remembering 2013 and preparing for 2014, where I decided to keep items throughout the year to remind me of the day in the future. Well I stuck with it and am going to share with you some of the highlights of my year. But first I thought I'd share with you, just what 2014 has meant for me. 

2014 was a year that at the start I was dreading, see at the end of 2013 I was bogged down with anxiety and just imagined this year to be yet another struggle. But I have to say, I was wrong. yes there were days I didn't want to get out of bed, or I thought life couldn't get any worse, but I pushed through and can safely say that I'm excited for what 2015 has to offer. In 2014 I lost a few friends I would of considered close. But I realised that toxic relationships are really damaging. Especially if you suffer with mental health, it can be very draining. I think thats just a part of growing up though. I got to experience some AMAZING things. I visited portugal with Elliott, Abu Dhabi with my sister and went on a big family holiday out to Mallorca. I gained so much confidence back this year, enough to move forward with my career and start working for a magazine. I really am excited for what 2015 has to offer. I'm ready for anything. Here's a few highlights of 2014.

At the start of the year Me and my bestfriend went to see Beyonce. She was absolutely incredible.


In March I went to London twice, with my blogging bestie Holly from I2Style first we went to London Blogger Fashion Week, then we attended the Vogue Festival and managed to see the Masterclass seminar. It was amazing to get an insight into the fashion industry and was really inspiring. Holly and I then went for a lovely meal at Las Iguanas before heading home.

London Blogger Fashion Week

In April Elliott and I went to watch The Amazing Spider Man 2 - one of my favourite films :)

We also went to my nephews 9th birthday party - It was a skating party, we had a great time!


I also went to see Jeff Dunham at the LG Arena in Birmingham, he was absolutely hilarious

Jeff Dunham

In May I went to see McBusted, my god was that a blast from the past! We had an awesome night dancing around to all the old school hits and reminiscing. I also went to see The Kooks, I used to love them in my teens!

The Kooks

The Kooks

Then me and elliott went off on our little road trip, if your interested I vlogged the whole thing. Vlog: sleeping in the car and flying to Portugal. We had such a great time!



Then a week after we got back from Portugal, I flew out to Dubai with my sister for a week in Abu Dhabi. It was the most incredible holiday of my life. We stayed at the 5* Yas Viceroy hotel, and had a complete week of feeling like queens! I also filmed some of this. You can watch it here. Unfortunately I had to override my original music.

Abu Dhabi Camel Riding

Abu Dhabi Dune riding

Yas Beach Abu Dhabi

We then went to see Eminem on the 11th July and stayed in londin for the night! We had such a great couple of days!



At the end of July we went on a two week family holiday to Mallorca, it was great to spend quality time with my sisters and nieces and nephews. I filmed a lookbook while I was on there.


Drunk Family

In August we went on camping trip with Elliott's family for a long weekend at Shell Island. It was beautiful and so relaxing!
Shell Island

Shell Island Camping

In September we saw Lee Evans, ill be honest, it wasn't as good as previous tours but it was a good laugh and worth it considering he's now retired. 

I also attended the Birmingham Blogger Meet organised by the lovely Abbigayle Warner. There I met Paige, Hayley and Rach who I stay I touch with now :)

Birmingham Blogger Meet

We later attended the Costa Musical Bingo halloween event. It was such a great night! i'll definitely be going again. Its brilliant for a night out with the girls.

Costa Musical Bingo

Holly and I went to see Ed Sheeran in October, He was AMAZING! We also spent Halloween together on a night out, which was great fun!

Halloween 2014

This was around the time I then left my job. Id worked there for 4 years and it was all very emotional. But it was the best thing I have ever done! I am loving my new job and the experience I'm getting from it! Ive had a crazy couple of months but its been well worth it. now I'm ready to conquer 2015.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my year. I will continue to collect my memories and do the same thing next year :)



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