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New Year, New Start.

New Year New Start Eskay Beauty

Every year we hear the same old thing of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves, something we like to call new years resolutions. A day, 1st January, just like every other day, all except we decide to change something about ourselves. Some people manage to keep up with there resolution, but the vast majority fail miserably. I think I've had the same resolution for the past 5 years. Lose weight. yeah, still not there yet! whoops.

Something that I do every single year though, that I just do, without a second thought, is a big clear out. A bit like a spring clean. Here's a list of the things I like to do, to help clear out my space ready for a fresh start in the new year. 

Clear out your old clothes

I go through everything, even PJ's, Pants and Socks and throw out anything that I no longer wear, haven't worn in a while, or quite frankly has had its day. 

Sort through all draws

For me this is paramount, I have a LOT of draws, living with my parents means I need the storage. I like to do a full clear out, take everything out, sort through what to keep and what to give away and what to throw out, this leads me onto my next point. 

Give away old products

I have a LOT of products, most of which its impossible to use. so once I've gone through all my draws, I will collect all the products to 'give away' into a bag and go around my friends and family giving them dibs on the products. 

Organise Finances

This is essential I think, this gives me such mental clarity going into the new year. I lie to plan out what exactly my income is and what my outgoings are and decide exactly what I want to do with the rest of my money every month. the envelope technique is great. Withdraw all your money for different things and divide it between envelopes. So you can go to the petrol envelope when you need petrol and your food envelope when you need food, and so on. Its a really great way to feel organised and in control of your finances. 

Full Body Pamper

Probably my favourite of the lot. A full body pamper, the perfect way to feel awesome when you have to roll back into the office for your first day back. I like to do the lot. Hair mask, Skin mask, deep exfoliate, trim cuticles, buff nails, full mani/pedi. Not forgetting the plucking of eyebrows.


Now I know I said I've had the same resolution for the past 5 years, and yes, its true. but clearly its still something I'd like to change. Maybe this year I'll try and be a little more realistic. 

     - Lose 3st
     - Drink Water
     - Be Creative
     - Read More
     - Stick to my Blog Schedule
And there we have it :) 

Thats what I do to kick start me with a great year ahead. Have you set a resolution? If so, What is it? 



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