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My Top 5 beauty bloggers right now

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Today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 beauty reads at the moment. I'm sure you can all relate when I say that there are a lot of bloggers I follow, but don't actually read every single post. There are however a few bloggers, who whatever they have to say I want to read because I can either really relate to everything they say or I maybe just like their writing style. Here are my top 5. let me know in the comments below who yours are

Beautiface Blog

April is actually my favourite blogger at the minute. This girls ability to write is just incredible, coupled with her talent for photography she makes an incredible blogger. You know when you see someone who just holds a camera in a way where your like 'damn, she knows what she's doing, I'll put mine away' Aprils that person. We briefly met at the London Blogger Fashion Week, she was whizzing around snapping away, yet the pictures on her post were amazing, like she'd spent way more than a second on them. she just has the eye. Jealous.com.

Technicalities aside, April has an ability to suck you in like no other. I love that she is so brutally honest and that really shines through, along with her humour. As well as all this, she also has some really useful posts with advise for things such as taking good blog photos, using your cameras, and overcoming bloggers block. All in all she is just fantastic and if you don't follow her you definitely should, your missing out.

Autumn Leaves

If you need a kick up the bum with organisation Rebecca is the blogger for you. I have some serious envy when it comes to being organised. I am just rubbish. As well as working Rebecca blogs daily and every single post is a must read for me. She shares product reviews, hauls as well as home posts and organisation ideas. She is so relatable because just like most of us she's juggling all of this as well as working and my god does she do it well.

Beauty in Beta

Beth was my first ever blogger 'friend' when I had no one else and was stuck for what to do on a trip to London, Beth was right on the case and private messaged me with some ideas. She is so friendly and relatable. She posts about everything from fashion to beauty and some lifestyle thrown in too. She is the creator of some really popular groups the latest being #healthyselves where we can all share are journey to get healthy physically and mentally. She's an SEO whizz and has some amazing tips and tricks up her sleeve. She's genuinely one of the nicest bloggers and definitely worth a read.

Maisy Meow

Eilidh is predominately a fashion blogger, however she does a lot of beauty posts too. Her blog is so sophisticated, her pictures do all the talking, they are just beautiful. I love her style and she seems so sweet through her writing that I can't help but read every one. As well as fashion and beauty she also includes some lifestyle posts. All in all her blog is so lovely to read and makes me want to really take control of my fashion.

Finally is Katie. Now this girl just screams TALENT. Her ability to write is just out of this world. Whenever I need some motivation or something to completely uplift me I head over to Scarphelia. Its like reading a continuous book. She is so philosophical and has such a passion for life that jumps out the screen at you and sucks you right in. You leave her posts and feel like you could take on the world. Definitely head on over and check her out. 

So there you have my top 5 bloggers at the minute. All of these are just brilliant and I honestly can't imagine my weeks without their posts.

Who are your top reads at the minute? Let me know in the comments below :)



  1. Aw this so nice of you to basically give a little shoutout to all these bloggers :) I definitely need to check them out!

    I'm currently loving bruttonloves.blogspot.co.uk :)


  2. This is so sweet! Thanks so much for the shoutout beaut! <3 xx


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