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Top 5 spring nail polish picks

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Most of you will know I'm a HUGE nail polish hoarder, I like to change up my nails regularly and love dabbling into nail art. Spring is usually one of my favourites for the colour trends and this year is no exception. I think the biggest colours this season is definitely blue and orange, the catwalk has shown a lot of variations of blue from dark royal to a more placid dusky tone, for orange its apparent the brighter the better. 

Of course pastels are so on trend as always. I'm especially loving the more blue/green shades. although we've seen a lot of poppy red from the catwalks, I must admit I find it hard to disassociate red from christmas haha.

Using some of the colours we've seen emerging from the runway this season I decided to pick my top 5 and find a nail polish to match. So here are my top 5 Spring nail polish picks:

trends paloma freesia celosia orange placid blue radiant orchid

Definitely one of the more difficult shades of polish to pull of this season (YELLOW) but thats why I love this one so much. As you can see from the picture above, its bright yet very sheer. I LOVE this!! Its so on trend this spring and such a happy colour, so if your brave enough then go for it. With the gloomy weather in Britain it can be hard to really go hard with spring fashion trends as its so cold so this is the perfect shade to throw in some colour to a more muted outfit. This polish was actually bought on holiday in Portugal, when I head back in a few weeks I'm defiantly going to go have a look for some more shades from this brand.

Cooler nudes are really in this season, which makes me a very happy girl. I'm a massive fan of grey so when Paloma came out as one of the top ten colour picks, I just knew it would be in this post. This shade from Beauty UK is absolutely gorgeous and will go with ANY outfit. I believe these polishes came in a set and were really REALLY inexpensive but the pigment in them is great, defiantly worth keeping an eye out for them.

Celosia Orange
Orange is MASSIVE this Spring/Summer, most designers have incorporated it in their runways and its really predominant on the hughstreet. This polish from Cristian Dior was actually my moms, it must be at least 10 years old but it still applies like a dream and is an absolutely gorgeous shade. The picture above doesn't really give you a true reflection of the shade but if you look up celosia orange you will see the exact colour I'm referring too.

Placid Blue
Again the picture above really doesn't give a true reflection of this shade, but if you look up placid blue you will know the colour I'm talking about. I adore this shade and every time I see an item of clothing in this colour I have to prise myself away (I'm currently losing weight so on a fashion ban (where possible)) haha. The colour is very flat and cool, and works great with brights such as red and orange. This definitely gets my colour of the year award (so far).

Radiant Orchid 
The final shade comes in the form of Radiant Orchid, sound like the name of a child these days doesn't it haha!! The polish I've chosen to represent this shade is a lot more nude than the actual colour but I really loved it and felt it was too purple toned to be under the Paloma category but the purple undertone definitely has a radiant orchid feel to it. This was picked up from a spa I visited a few weeks ago and I must admit I only got it because I had a voucher. Jessica polishes are normally just under £7 for this tiny bottle. I however had £5 of so I could justify the spend. I was so pleasantly surprised by the texture that I think ill defiantly be getting some more Jessica polishes in the future.

So there you have my top 5 nail polish picks this spring to go along with some of the top colour trends; Freesia, Paloma, Celosia Orange, Placid Blue & Radiant Orchid.

Whats your favourite colour trend this season, and which nail polish sums up Spring for you?


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  1. I am wearing a similar light blue right now and the mustard yellow I was going to buy in Poundland today. Wish I had now! I like how it looks having one colour on each finger!



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