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April 2014 Favorites

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Im back with my monthly favourites :) You might of noticed that I missed out my march favourites. If you didn't know, it was my birthday in March, so with lots of new beauty products that had me all excited, I felt my favourites would not have been an honest reflection of the month.

With that said, a few of the items I got for my birthday are featured in this months favourite now that I've had some time to really see which products I reach for regularly.

This is such a gorgeous pallet, and sooooo perfect for spring. The rose gold shimmery tones are just beautiful. I love the pigment in this pallet and the fact that it is so versatile and can give you a day, night or in-between look. Whatever your after this pallet can give you... bravo Urban Decay. You hit the jackpot again!!  

The perfect spring time nude in my opinion. I really struggle to get the right balance between ink and peach toned nudes, I think primarily because my skin has a very pink undertone. This shade is just perfect for my skin tone. It does claim to be matte, which I don't agree with, I think its definitely more sheer but it is beautiful none the less. 

I think this is definitely such an underrated foundation. I don't hear anyone in the blogging world talk about this product. It offers medium to high coverage and leaves your skin looking youthful and dewy. If you skin is normal/combination then this would be perfect for you. For me in the winter my skin is a little dry and so the foundation clings to dryer patched and in summer it can be a little oily through the T-Zone which does make the foundation slip but with a good primer it is brilliant. I use this more in spring an autumn and absolutely love it! 

So after watching tutorials last year I went out and purchased a white eye liner. BIG mistake haha. I looked pretty damn awful!! So with that disaster behind me I must admit I was a little disappointed when I received this in recent Birchbox. I decided to give it a whirl anyway and was pleasantly surprised. This definitely makes you look more youthful and awake, the look I was trying to get when I purchased the white liner. So if you have tried white and failed, I'd defiantly give nude a go. This is actually for use on the skin also so is great for highlighting bridge of nose and brow bone. BONUS!

Having read up what to expect on their website I was intrigued to see what this product had to offer, I was honestly very sceptical about this product. As you may know since giving up smoking I've had some SERIOUS breakouts, from which I've been left with some dark spots and pigmentation issues. although breakouts are still occurring they are really starting to calm down and with the help of Heal Gel the pigment issues is really fading. Ive been loving this stuff this month. 

Perfect for de-stressing and relaxing. I got these from my boyfriend for my birthday after recommendation from Tanya Burr. Having battled anxiety for over 3 years, I always find it hard to relax and unwind. These sounded absolutely amazing, and I couldn't be more impressed with them. I have no idea how they do, but they simply relax your muscles and really give you mental clarity. These are honestly fantastic.

Here is the video for my monthly favourites if you fancy hearing me have a bit more of a chat about all the products.

I really hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites. Please leave me a comment below and let me know your favourites this month.



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