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Starting Off: Tools

Hello beauties :) I hope your all well and having an amazing week so far.

Welcome to the final edition of the starting off project, I cannot believe it’s the 10th week already. I would like to thank you all for sticking with me over the past 10 weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you all about the subjects and exchanging some tips and tricks. So thanks again to Steph for creating the Starting off Project.

This week’s post is all about Tools, so I thought I could use this post as a kind of a refresh and show you the tools I recommend you use for each of the products. I don't actually apply my makeup in the order of the posts, so I'm going to change it up a little. Id also like to apologise for the poor pictures. Due to my manic but amazing weekend in London, I took these on the train home in a mad rush *slaps wrist* I promise ill get more organised.

Back in week one I showed you the products I like to use in my skincare routine. I don’t use any flashy tools, but I do think there is one thing that is super important for making sure you treat your skin with the care it deserves and that’s good quality cotton pads. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out and spend a fortune on cotton pads because they just go in the bin, but from experience you need to ensure they are soft and have the ability to absorb some product.
I like to use these from boots, they are cushioned, soft and sweep across the skin like a dream. You don’t want to be scoring your face as you try to remove makeup, which believe me can happen. I once bought a pack of pads and they were literally like kitchen scourers haha. Needless to say, they went in the nail varnish draw J

I actually start my routine with foundation, then whatever isn't covered, correct with concealer. The brush I use for foundation is the Real Techniques buffing brush. I think it’s amazing. It leaves my foundation looking flawless and I also think it makes the foundation go further.

Sometimes, depending on the foundation I’m using, I will also use my Beauty Blender. This product is just brilliant, it works the foundation into the skin perfectly and leaves you with a beautiful natural look.

Next up was concealer. As you probably know, a lot of concealers come with an applicator, however for me, I like to use a brush for concealing under my eyes. I think you can be a lot gentler with that delicate skin when using a brush. I like to use the Real Techniques Contour Brush it’s perfect for that small area and really buffs the concealer into the skin.

Now let’s brighten up the complexion with some Bronzer. I don’t think you can really go wrong with a large fluffy brush. I like to use this one, I have no idea where it was from but was probably really cheap. But hey.. It does the trick J

Were now ready for blusher. I think this is again down to personal preference. I use a mac 150 but to be honest, that’s only because I bought it before I really got into makeup. It’s a really great brush but I think you could get away with one a lot less pricey.

Next I apply my eyeshadow. I have a lot of brushes which are all shapes and sizes which I think is useful, you could probably pick up a set for no more than a tenner and they will be perfect for practicing. The one brush I would highly recommend though is the MAC 217 brush. It is honestly a must. You can use it for so many looks and I don’t know another brush that blends like it. I love this brush so much, I’m considering buying a second so that I always have a clean one J

Now for some eyeliner, when using a pen or pencil eyeliner I don’t use an applicator, for obvious reasons, and I’m not the biggest fan of gel liner so unfortunately I didn't have one with me on my trip to snap a picture, when I do use gel liner I use a standard firm angled brush that came in a set I brought yonks’ ago.

Then were onto mascara, which of course I don’t use an applicator for. However, the one tool that can drastically make a difference, especially if you have quite straight lashes is an eyelash curler. I have this one which I got in a Birch box a few months back, its really great.

To finish of my look I then pick the perfect lipstick/gloss. However I only ever use the applicator or my finger for this. And that’s it for the tools I use, here is the finished look J

I really hope you've all enjoyed my posts over the past 10 weeks as much as I've enjoyed making them. 

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  1. What a great post for beginners. You have a great mix of brushes.


  2. Awesome post! I really like the look of your eyelash curler!
    I use the exact same foundation brush as you, and love it as much as you do! :)


  3. Oh I love your curlers!! Also love how much the Real Techniques are popping up on everyones post

    Hannah xxx

    1. I know they are everywhere these days. but it definitely the best brush I've used for foundation xx

  4. Great post lovie, really informative! :D Beth xox


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