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Starting off: Lipstick/gloss

So it’s the penultimate post for the starting off project, the past 8 weeks have been so much fun, I've really enjoyed talking about all the subjects and discussing it with all the other bloggers that have been involved. I hope we have helped some of you in some way, I know I've got some great tips.

This week’s post subject is lipstick/gloss. Since applying lipstick is pretty self-explanatory I thought I'd run through some of the things I've learnt about choosing the right lip product for you. As well as sharing some of my favorites.

As always if you've missed any of my previous starting off posts, you can check them out here:

So lets get into all things lip related...

There are so many different lip products on the market these days, it can sometimes be a little daunting. I think for anyone starting out there are few things that can help narrow down your choices.

Lipstick - usually of a creme consistency, you can get very glossy, sheer or matte finish. I would also put crayon style lip products in this category.

Lip Gloss - I'm not a massive fan of lip gloss as I find the wet like texture uncomfortable, but the types I know of are pretty much sparkly and shiny.

Lip Stain - I love a good lip stain. Great for a lip that will last and also great as a base on a night out. I like pen forms, as I find the liquid style can sometimes leak and stain the skin. Some can be a little drying but I have one which ill talk about which is amazing :)

Lip Liner - I rarely use lip liner, but its great when your going for a bold lip to make sure it doesn't leak. You can also make the lips appear fuller using a lip liner.
Dependant on the look you are going for, could dictate which lip product will be best for you.
Do you want you lipstick to last a while without the need to re apply? If so your probably best with a matte lipstick and liner or a stain.
Maybe you want a high shine look, then you'll be best with a gloss or sheer lipstick which will need to be re-applied more often.
Or you could be like me, don't care about all of that you just like a colour and get it :)
I do this... to a certain extent. however, I know there are certain colours that I just cant pull off like very cool nudes.
Like I've mentioned in other posts, all things make-up, are really all about experimenting. especially when it comes to colours and the style you go for.

Find which tones suit you best and go wild with them :)
So lets talk about some of my favourite products
Lancôme Rouge In Love  |  Rimmel 880 Rose Passion |  L'occitaine Pivoine Flora  |  Mac 'Relentlessly red'
Above are my go to lipsticks. If I wear anything else, I'm feeling adventurous :) lets talk about my top 2 in more detail...
Lancôme Rouge in Love - This was the first high end lipstick I ever purchased. I was so happy with myself haha. But honestly its been so worth it, you can see its well loved. I tend to wear this as an everyday lipstick. It goes greats with all sorts of looks and is the perfect nude for anyone, like me, that doesn't suit the really pale nudes.
L'occitaine Pivoine Flora - This lipstick is just beautiful. I picked this up on a trip to Bicester Village. If you've never been, its an amazing outlet of high end stores at discounted rates. I got this on a whim and wish I'd bought more because I love it so much. Red is a really hard colour to pull off, but I think anyone could pull this off. The quality of it is also amazing. If you ever see a L'occitaine lipstick in a colour you like, I'd definitely recommend. Unfortunately I cant find this colour anywhere, so I cant share a link :(

Lip Liner
I don't really use liner much, I've just never loved how it looked on me, however this one is really great. Its an Avon Glimmer stick liner in pink bouquet and when I'm going for a fuller look, or just want my lippy to last all night, this is great. Its in a screw stick so you have to be careful to use at an angle so not to make it blunt, but apart from that I think its a really well made product. The texture is matte and really lasts.

Lip Stain
Lip stain is great for days you need your lipstick to last as long as possible. This Maybelline Colour Sensational stain in 480 shy red is so good. I love that its in the pen form as I'm not really a fan of the liquid style stains. I can apply this in the morning, and it will last to about 3pm it seems to stay around the line of the lip more but I don't mind that too much. And the best thing.. it doesn't dry out your lips :) Overall I love this and the colours are a really nice selection.
Below is the colour of this stain when applied...
This is after a good few wipes with a face wipe just to show you its staying power.
Lip Gloss
Finally its lip gloss, which again I'm not a huge fan off except for this one... Vinyl Gloss by Rimmel in 550 love sick. I wear this quite a lot when I'm going for a natural look, its not at all sticky and also isn't to wet (we all know that feeling). Its just right and actually leaves your lips feeling very soft :)

And that's it :) we've covered the basics of make-up... next weeks post will be all about the tools you can use to apply make-up so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin or GFC to be notified when that post goes up.
I really have enjoyed the past 9 weeks and I hope you have found the tips I've shared useful.
Whats your favourite lip product? let me know in the comments below as well as your links is your also part of The Starting Off Project.
On twitter? join in the conversation using the hashtag #theSOproject
Until next time... have an awesome rest of your day/evening :)
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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! And I <3 that maybelline lip stain! :D


  2. Some nice ranges of products here! I like the mac lipstick I need a red that looks like that
    I like how you mentioned lipstains and liners :)
    katiesworld-ofbeauty.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. Love that L'Occitaine colour!
    I've not tried the maybelline lip stains, I love the gosh one's though, they are so long lasting.
    Can't believe how close we are to the end of the SO project now!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  4. You have a huge lipstick stash! Love your gorgeous pics as usual!

    Liz xx


  5. Love your collection hun, I can see you're a red lip fan! ;)
    Can you believe we're so close to the end of the project??
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  6. Great post - I love your lip pics - I'm determined to do more face pics but I'm too self-conscious! My lips certainly don't look as nice as yours!

    Rebecca x
    Cloud Nine Indulgence

  7. You have a very impressive lip product collect :) and this was such an informative post. It's great. Also, and this might sound very strange, you have very lovely shaped lips.

    Hannah xxx

  8. This is an amazing post! I love how detailed it is!
    I also love that L'occitaine Pivoine Flora lippie on you! :)


  9. I love Rimmel's lip glosses there really pigmented. Great post as always.


  10. Love this post, you have a great collection x

  11. I love lipliners!! They are my secret weapon! An rimmel lippies are very underated ^_^. Great post!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'


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