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Starting Off: Eyeshadow

Hello Beauties :)

Welcome back to week 8 of The Starting Off Project, which is all about eyeshadow :) 

This is probably going to be my favourite of all posts, because I lurrve me some eyeshadow. I think it’s the product that you can really be creative with when doing make-up and I’m really excited to share with you some of my favourite eyeshadows and some of different looks I like to create.

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For the format of this post I thought id firstly talk about my favourite eyeshadows, before showing you a few of the things you can do to create looks. each step for the first will be a separate look in itself followed by the typical smokey eye :)


Of all the eyeshadows I own, my favorite is hands down the Urban Decay Naked palette. The colours in it are great for any neutral lovers like me. This is the palette I take away with me or grab when I have little inspiration. I have set looks that I go to like using Hustle and Toasted or Buck and Virgin.

Sleek palettes are also amazingly pigmented and last forever, I especially love the Storm palette, its got some amazing neutral shades as well as some glitzy colours too.

Pretty much all the shadows I use are powder formula as I find then the easiest to work with.

Block Lid

As you can see from the above picture, this is what it says on the tin, a block colour across the lid.

I used Hustle from the Naked Palette, this is really lovely as a day time look, add a little eyeliner and maybe some glitter and it would look gorgeous on a night out.

I'm definitely more of neutral kind of girl but I sometimes love a pop of colour.

The below pic shows how you can add some colour to a bold lid and make the eyes stand out even more. I used this lovely blue from the Sleek Sunset palette.

To make this look more dramatic I then added some creep from the Naked palette to the entire crease and blended this out.

To add some dimension to the look, you can also add a lighter colour to the middle of the lid. I used Sin (Naked again :) told you I loved it haha)

I think eyeshadow is really down to personal preference, so experiment with it :) here's the final look

Smokey eye

Then there's of course the smokey eye, who doesn't love a good smokey eye :) again experiment with the colours to find what suits you best, for me browns and creams suit me better than black and whites.

I like to start off with the lightest colour, for this look I used The naked pallet.

The first colour is Virgin. I apply this to the inner corner of my eye on both the top and bottom.

*Quick tip* - do this when your feeling super tired. it will really brighten your eyes and make you look like you've had your 8 hours :)

Next I'm using Buck, and blending this from where I applied Virgin to the outer corner.

For a more dramatic look you can blend this up towards the eyebrow.

Remember though - less is more. You can always add to it so don't apply to much. I also like to run this along the lower lash line.

Finally I'm using Darkhorse in the outer corner to really deepen the look.

Keep adding to this until your happy, again add this across the lower lash line.

That's it, were done :) The biggest thing to remember with a smokey eye is blending.

You can't go wrong as long as there is no harsh lines.

Add some mascara and maybe liner if your going for a deep look and your good to go.

Practice makes perfect with eyeshadow; it’s a form of art I think. When you find the right colours for you and become comfortable in your abilities you will rock :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of the starting off project, please leave me a comment if you did and let me know your favourite shadow at the minute.

Are you part of the starting off project? If so, leave your link below for me to check out and don’t forget to join in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #theSOproject :)

Thanks for reading beauts...xxx



  1. I love the look of the blue sleek shadow on your lower lashline, so pretty!
    I am also so jealous of how awesome your lashes are!
    What's the massive coloured palette in your first pic? Love it!


    1. Hi kammi,

      thanks so much!! the palette is front the body collection or BC. It was super cheap and definitely worth it. its so pigmented :)


  2. love ur collection girl !!!! :)

  3. Gorgeous looks and omg your collection is making me drool at my computer screen! *-*


  4. Oo never though to use colour on the bottom lash line to add colour as I'm very scared of none neutral shades haha. Thanks for the tip hun.

    Hannah xxx

    Ps your blog is lovely

    1. its a great way to add a pop of colour without going too crazy :) xx

  5. Such a great post, you are an eyeshadow expert! Love your eye close ups with different styles of application!

    Rebecca x

  6. I love how these colors look on your eyes! You have beautiful eyes, great post ;) xxx


  7. Wow! You have a huge eye shadow collection! Very jealous!

    Liz xx


    1. thank you its taken a while to collect :) x

  8. Your eyelashes are to die for!! loved the tutorials too, great collection.

  9. wow!! so much eye shadow!!! :)
    Maddy xxx


  10. gorgeous collection!!!!


  11. aw what a nice collection you have! xx

  12. A very lovely collection of eyeshadows! Looks great! Wow all the pretty colours... :)

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