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Nautical inspired nails - Stripes and hearts

Hi lovelies 

I don't think I've mentioned how much of an obsessive compulsive nail polish purchaser I am, but let me tell you I have some serious issues! haha
whilst browsing Pinterest I came across this nail look and thought it was so cute and summery, with the nautical colours and hearts I just loved it. here's what I used to create it:

  1. I started with OPI start to finish as my base coat, I applied 2 coats as i'm not a massive fan and compared to other base coats I find it doesn't really help with discoloration caused by wearing nail polish all the time.
  2. Second I applied Essie - Geranium to all my nails bar the ring finger 
  3. I then applied Me Me Me - Innocent to my ring finger and waiting about 10 minutes for it to dry
QUICK TIP - when you want to create a nail look that requires attention to detail i find using an old small make up brush or even picking one up from Tesco on the cheap works great. use an acetone free nail varnish remover to clean them for next time :)

     4.  Using my old make up brush and geranium I drew 3 lines horizontally on my ring finger
     5.  Then using my blue nail art pen I drew the shape of a heart and filled in
     6.  finally I used OPI start to finish again as a top coat

And there we go, really quick and simple but I loved the pic so thought I would recreate for you :)

What nail polish are you loving at the moment? 

Lots of love 

Sophie xxx



  1. Love this design, it's really cute and looks quite easy to do :)

    She's Looking at the Stars

    1. thank you! and thanks for the lovely tweet that really made my day :) xx


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