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Autumn/Fall inspired nail tutorial

Sadly Summer is coming to an end. even though to be honest im quite looking forward to Autumn; the rusty coloured leaves, the musky weather in the mornings, and of course, the lack of wasps!! Its still a shame to say goodbye to the minimal good weather we have had in the summer. so with that said here is a tutorial on autumn/fall inspired nails. I hope you enjoy. Please tweet pics if you have a go :)

I started with 2 coats of this Orly polish in the colour Ruby

Next I used a nail art pen and swept it across my nails, from the top corner diagonally. Except for my thumb and ring finger where I went from bottom to top.

Using a gold nail varnish I made sure any excess was removed from the brush and dabbed the very tip at the end of my green lines.

Using an orange nail art pen, I gently dabbed the brush to create petal like shapes around the gold. (this doesn't need to be perfect)

I did the same as above with a yellow nail art pen

next I went over the yellow with orange again very finely, followed by red in the center.

Using a darker green and the same method as drawing the petals, I created the look of leaves on the stem.

To finish the look off completely I used Avon 24k gold strength polish because the slight gold shimmer brought all the colours together.

Here's the finished look, teamed with some dark lipstick (I'm wearing Avon - divine wine) and your favorite scarf your set for autumn/fall in style :)

Here is the nails in natural light

Hope you liked this post, please comment and let me know what you think.

Are you excited for fall? if so which nail polish is your favorite?

Thanks for reading :)


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