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Im a designer bag, what are you?

Hello beauties,

While browsing the Next blog I came across the #BagItUp post, anybody who knows me, knows I'm a real sucker for handbags. My boyfriend is always telling me off for wanting to go buy yet another bag to add to my collection. so this post was right up my street.

I always remember as a teen, going and buying my weekly Shout magazine and I loved doing the filter chart that would ask questions and dependent on your answer you would get a different end result (i.e which man matches you, what career will best suit you) I hope you get the jist? I'm terrible at explaining things, without the ability to use my hands haha. So thats what Next have done, however, its to find out the best hand bag for you. you can go take the quiz here. So I read the questions and followed my answers to see which bag best suited me. I came out with 'The Designer' which is definitly what I wish for, not however what I can afford :) haha, but to be honest the look of the designer bag on the quiz, is typical of the kind of bag I would usually go for.

So I thought, why not put an outfit together with a handbag I like from the Next Website. This bag is Just soooo me, I'm in love with the monochrome trend. as you may of seen from my recent nail pic on Instagram. Ill be honest with you, I rarely buy a bag for its practicality's, usually if I like the look of it, I just HAVE to have it :)

Mono Colourblock Zip Tote - I just LOVE this bag, so much I'm getting it as soon as payday comes around haha. I love that its big enough to hold the mounds of junk I carry around with me, as well as the fact its BEAUTIFUL!

Skinny Jeans - Being 5"10' makes buying jeans really difficult, that's one of the reasons I love next, they have a dedicated tall section. I think a pair of plain skinny jeans are a wardrobe must have.

Long Sleeved Lace Top - This lace top is gorgeous. I'ts one of those pieces you could wear all year round. it goes great with jeans, but in summer you could tuck it into some jean shorts. 

Slipper Platform Shoes - When this style of shoe first came out I absolutely hated them, but they've grown on me. A LOT. I think the platform is very on trend but without having to walk in 6 inchers. Also, with me being very tall I like to wear a smaller heel. and then there's the comfort aspect. you could shop for hours in these babies :)

Mono Square Pendant Necklace - Keeping with the monochrome theme, I picked out this lovely pendant necklace, which would go with pretty much everything.

Mono Expander Bracelet - Finally, I couldn't help throwing this expandable monochrome bracelet in the mix too. its one of those pieces that you could wear with anything. real value for money!

There's my finished outfit. Its something id wear on a shopping trip or to a lunch date, something like that.

What do you think? would you wear this? whats your favorite piece?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Lots of love 





  1. Love the bracelet and the bag. I always need a big bag/tote because I lug so much stuff around. :)

  2. Haha I'm awful, if you asked for anything.. id probably fnd it in my bag :) x

  3. Great post Sophie. We love the bracelet and LOVE lace tops :-)

    x Roch & Tash x


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