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Im part of #theSOproject!!!

I recently found out about an amazing new series set up by beauty blogger, Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice named 'The Starting Out Project'. Steph decided to start this series to reach out to make-up and beauty newbies, young teens or anyone else looking for beauty and make up related tips. There are around 120 bloggers, myself included who have signed up to take part in this project. We will be uploading weekly posts, with a different subject each week featuring different beauty related products and tools.

I'm really excited about being a part of this project and cant wait to get started. I wish there had been this sort of thing around when I was first starting out with make up. we all start somewhere and this is a great opportunity for everyone to share tips and discuss all things beauty :) what could be better!!

The project will run over 10 weeks. The topics will be as follows..

Week 1 - Skincare
Week 2 - Concealer 
Week 3 - Foundation
Week 4 - Bronzer
Week 5 - Blusher
Week 6 - Mascara
Week 7 - Eyeliner
Week 8 - Eyeshadow
Week 9 - Lips
Week 10 - Make Up Tools

The posts will go live at 6pm (UK time) every Tuesday. Be sure to follow my blog and everyone else who's involved (you can find everyone's links on Steph's post). You can also join in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #theSOproject

If your also involved please tweet me, or leave me a comment and let me know so I can follow you to see your posts too.

See you Tuesday :) 





  1. I am involved in the project too, can't wait to read your blog!
    See you tomorrow!
    twitter- @hannahsblogs

  2. I'm part of the SO project to and can't wait to see everyone's posts! X


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