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remembering 2013 and preparing for 2014

Hello lovelies

Firstly, a massive happy new year to all you lovely followers! Thank you so much for your support through 2013 I wish you all the very best for 2014!

So last year I decided to start capturing moments of my life such as cinema tickets, invites & practically anything I would otherwise throw away and keep them in a little jar to look back at come the end of the year. This was the first year of doing this so I'm sure there were a lot of things I missed but here is a look back at my 2013...

There were a lot of special occasions this year including my nieces 16th birthday; My sisters 40th, a friends wedding & my best friend becoming a god mother. Above you can see the whole contents of my jar.

I went to see Justin Beiber in February with my sister and niece, we had such a great time.

My boyfriend and I celebrated 3 years together :) 

I turned 21. Here is the cork from the champagne that we drank on the day with a 20 and 1 pence piece wedged into it to remember

I attended the next blogger network in London. This was my first blogger event and I had the most amazing time. I met some very special ladies but 2 that I would now consider friends, Melissa from vintagetearoses and Holly from i2style. I also got to meet Anna from Vivianna does makeup and Lily Pebbles. Melissa, Holly and I met up again in December for the open evening for Lilly Lou UK (post coming soon) and had a lovely evening followed by Nandos and girly chats :)

One of the final things I did this year was to go and see Ghost in theatre with my Mom, two sisters and auntie. It was amazing :)

Seeing as last year I didn't officially set any resolutions I thought I would just right a list of positives/accomplishments for the year.

In 2013 I ...

- Started my blog (finally) 
- Gave up smoking 
- Pushed myself to attend an event alone and had an amazing time
- Stopped allowing anxiety to control me completely.

So I've now emptied my 2013 contents into a little box, and plan to fill in the blanks and put all my memories into a little scrapbook. Maybe next year I'll be able to show you :) now that my jar is free again I've re decorated it with a little 2014 sign and a list of my goals for 2014

This year I really want to concentrate on becoming as healthy as possible. One of my biggest fears is getting ill and it's actually something that brings me a lot of stress and anxiety so I really want to take control and push to be the best me.

I'm really glad I started this little jar because 2013 has been a really tough year for me, the loss of both mine and my boyfriends granddad, my continued battle with anxiety and depression topped with my diagnosis with Hypothyroidism, have made this year really tough so its nice to look through all the memories I've saved and remember the good things that have happened too. 

Once again thanks for all your support in 2013!! I hope 2014 brings you all health wealth and happiness.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below



  1. I already think you have good content on your blog!

    You have some fantastic memories of the year and you look fantastic in all your photos.

    Happy New Year. Hope 2014 is fab for you xx

    1. Thanks Roxanne that's really kind of you! Happy New Year to you too xxx

  2. This is such a great idea! It's really nice you have such great memories to look back on!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Thanks Jenn, its nice to look back :) Happy New Year xxx

  3. This is such a cute idea I 100% have to do this this year!!x


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