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My beauty wishlist

With it finally being payday on Friday, My brain is on spend-alert. January is always a long and tough month financially, it’s been seven weeks for me since I was last paid, what feels like a lifetime ago. I'm in need of a good ol' splurge to brighten up my days.

With that said I've been having a nosey at the Cult Beauty website and lusting over all the products they have to offer. I love that there website has expert picks, must haves and best sellers on the homepage so that you can easily navigate through what’s hot at the minute. After spending a good hour or two browsing the website, I thought I’d share with you my wish list.

This was under the expert picks section of the website, with 5 stars I couldn’t help but check it out. In the description it claims that vogue have called it "probably the best cleanser in the world". What a claim! I just have to get this and try it out for myself. I’ve been after a hot cloth cleanser for a while and definitely want to save and invest in this one.

For some strange reason, I feel like recently my lashes have got shorter. If that’s even possible. No matter how many mascara's I try I always go back to my same L’Oreal Telescopic. So having seen this one floating around the blogging scene, I’m intrigued to see if it really works. The reviews of this look really promising!

I came across this beauty in the 'bestseller' section of the Cult Beautywebsite, and after looking at the reviews it’s definitely a product I NEED in my life NOW!! seriously my skin is going through a really rough time recently, with deep rooted break outs coming like there’s no tomorrow. I could really do with a deep cleansing mask that will really draw out impurities without drying out my skin. This is not only everything it claims, but reviews second this. This one is definitely going to be bought this month.

I'm actually really happy with my eyebrow routine at the minute but when I saw this pencil I couldn't help but lust after it. The convenience of having a spooly on one end and the pencil on the other, really draws me to this, I’m trying to build up a 'handbag make-up bag' full of products that can stay in there constantly and this might well be in the running. It seems everyone is raving about how great this is. 

It's no secret that I have trouble with anxiety, so anything that will help me unwind is a real gem. I first heard about this stuff from Fleur of FleurDeForce, when browsing cult beauty I noticed the 'Top 10' tab which actually had a section from Fleur and this stuff was in her list. Having read the reviews, this is a must have for me and I cant wait to try it out. It’s a pretty high price to pay for bath salts, but I hear it lasts well and is worth the money.  

So that’s the top 5 on my current wish list, I could list loads more but that would just be greedy! As and when I purchase these products, I’ll let you know what I think.

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know your thoughts and also fill me in on all the products you’re lusting after.



  1. I need a new cleanser so glad to hear about this one!

  2. Eve Lom is an absolute god-send-I highly recommend it! lovely blog doll! xx


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