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Maybelline baby skin pore eraser

After seeing this new primer from Maybelline popping up everywhere recently, I couldn't help but pick it up and see what all the fuss was about. At a reasonable £7.99 it was worth a try.

Maybelline claims that this primer will erase pores with or without foundation, for baby-soft feeling - poreless-looking skin. Let’s have a look...

I actually really like the packaging for the product; it definitely suits the name 'baby' skin. The light green tube allows you to easily squeeze enough products out to use, it’s hygienic, handy and lightweight.

The product itself is a fragrance free transparent gel, it glides onto the skin effortlessly, however as you rub it in it does feel a little greasy. When completely rubbed in I thought the primer left my skin feeling beautiful and silky. 

I don't agree with the claim that this leaves your skin looking poreless, with or without make-up. For me this didn't really hide them without makeup at all, however when my makeup was applied I thought the difference was amazing. 

In a nutshell?

I have really enjoyed using this primer, in terms of staying power I think there are definitely some better primers on the market, but I think for the price it has done a really great job at reducing the appearance of pores and overall I have really enjoyed using the product, I'd definitely recommend for anyone with slight pore problems and think it would work really great with dry to normal skin. 

Have you tried this product? whats your favorite primer?




  1. I really like this and it's become a permanant fixture in my make-up routine! X

  2. ooh i need to try this! it sounds great! i've been using a nivea primer recently and i actually really like it, so i'm going to wait till i run out of that and get this one!

  3. Have you tried Too Faced's primer? Sounds very similar!


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