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Oh hi... long-time no see.

I know I've been THE worst blogger the past few weeks. Unfortunately I've had a really bad back and was advised by my physio to give it a rest for a bit (sitting at a computer all day and then spending the rest of your life leaning over a laptop apparently isn’t great on the old back), but I’ve had enough now, I’ve got too many pictures that have accumulated in my laptop absence, so here I am raring to go :) I hope you’ll forgive me! I promise not to be gone this long again *slaps wrist* anyway enough about me! How are you all?? 

Today I thought I’d ease you back in with an outfit post. This one was inspired by Made in Chelsea star Louise. She wore a similar outfit in a recent episode. I took to twitter and found that Glomourous.com had this one! I instantly fell in love; I really like the cute feel to this playsuit. I teamed it with some black tight and then tan show boots and belt 

Top - F&F

Pinafore Playsuit - Glamourous

Belt - New Look 

Tights - Primark (super cosy)

Boots - New Look (last season)

Are you a fan of Made in Chelsea? I'm obsessed!!

Ciao for now loves



  1. Hey Soph, we've missed reading your posts! Hope your back is better now though :-)

    Love your outfit; gorgeous! We do like a bit of MIC on a Monday night; can't believe it's the last one next week!

    Merry Christmas lovely :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thanks girls, ive missed posting!! thanks so much, i hope your both well to. xxx


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