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Beauty hamper christmas gift

Today I bring to you a gift idea for those difficult women in your life. You know the ones; either they already have everything, give you no idea of what they want or maybe the're just as much of a beauty geek as you :) either way, this is the perfect gift idea for all of the above or anyone who your struggling for ideas with.
I'm not a fan of giving vouchers even though I love receiving them. I’m a sentimental person, I love making an effort and making someone feel really special. This was actually for a friend’s birthday, but I think this would be perfect for a Christmas gift with a change to the colour theme.

I decided to put together the ultimate pamper kit for her to indulge in, she had never experimented with skincare and made do with the products she picked up at the supermarket, so I wanted to put together the ultimate pamper hamper. 

I included in the hamper:

Perfect pedicure
Toe Separators
Pumice Stone
Nail clippers
Nail File

Nivea Skincare
Face wipes
Make-up Remover
Facial wash gel
2 in 1 cleanser & Toner
Exfoliating Scrub
Day Cream

Bath Time  
Body scrub
Creamy shower wash
Shower/bath gel
Exfoliating gloves

So lets get into making this into a lovely gift :) I started off with this little wicker basket from Tesco, I thought this was perfect as my friend could use this to store all the products in her bathroom.

Next I packed it with some tissue paper to create some height for me to display the products

I placed the products into the basket adding more tissue paper as and when needed to give some products a little more height.

When I was happy with my little display I then wrapped this in tissue paper.

Using pink patterned cellophane I measured enough to go around the basket and then doubled it, as you can see In the picture below I then bunched this together.

Using ribbon I tied above the basket and then folded and sellotaped the outside edges. If you have excess ribbon hanging, rather than cutting off, score the ribbon to create a curl.

I then added a bow, which I learnt from my mom (shes a florist)

I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I just wanted to share with you as it’s a great idea when your stuck of what to get and you can throw this together which lots of little things that are a little more personal to someone. 

This will be my last post before Christmas, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas :) 

Until next time...


  1. thats a great idea and very cute ;)


  2. I made a giant hamper for my Mum for Christmas as she is always trying to steal things from my makeup stash. She was over the moon with it. I think it's a lot more personal & such a lovely idea

    Thank you for your link on Twitter

    Hayley - Teapartybeauty.com


    1. haha Mums ay! its definitely much more personal! xx


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