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Starting off: Bronzer

Hello again beauties :-)

Welcome back to week 4 of the Starting off Project, this weeks post is all about bronzers.

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So lets talk about bronzerrrrrrr ....... :)

Bronzer is such a great product, one that is part of my daily routine. My foundation is the perfect match for my skin however I like the sun kissed glow that bronzer gives. bronzer can be used for a few things; warming up a light foundation, giving you a sun kissed glow, as a blush if your digging that colour and even as a contour (if its matte).

So I thought I’d show you how I apply my bronzer - Estee Lauder bronzed goddess this one is a little pricy, but does last a lifetime and is really good. However a more affordable bronzer that I love is the Rimmel Natural bronzer. I’m going to show you how I apply bronzer using pictures, so let’s go :)

Using just a large fluffy brush, I sweep across the very top of my forehead, close to my hairline

As you can see from my terrible squiggles :) I then draw a 3 or E whichever way you’re looking on each side. Down my temples, across my cheek and then down across my jawline.

I also like to use a little down my neck and under my chin which can reduce the look of multiple chins.

As you can see there is more dimension to the side of my face that has been bronzed and a little more life. I much prefer the way I look with bronzer as appose to without.

Below is my finished bronzed look :)

And that’s it again for this week beauts. It’s such a simple thing to use but very effective.

Do you use bronzer? What’s your favourite?

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Have a lovely evening,





  1. LOVE it, this bronzer looks so natural :)


    1. thank you! I loved your post! especially the chocolate at the end :) haha xx

  2. this is a lovely post Sophie! I like how you included a before and after look it really helps people on how to apply it :)


  3. Great pictures, love how you explained it so thoroughly! xx



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