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Hello again beauties :)

Today’s post is going to be a little more serious than id normally care to talk about, but something that has been shocked into me this week and I feel that I should touch upon the subject.

Monday started as a normal day until 10am when I called up to my friend to see if she was going out for a ciggie (yes I’m still quit, but still like the break lol). Her manager said she’d been in accident. She was ok but had gone to be checked out at A&E. honestly my heart sank. Driving to work that morning id been diverted as the road I normally use was closed. It was closed because of the accident she was involved in.

Being an anxious worrier, I did freak out and get upset but, fortunately a colleague was a few cars behind and was able to get out and comfort her. She was VERY lucky to be alive. And the only reason she was, was because her seatbelt saved her. The accident was unavoidable and involved another car which lost control and swerved in front of my friend’s car. There were 2 girls in that car, 2 sisters, and unfortunately there injuries are very serious and they are still recovering in hospital.

Car accidents are such horrific things because you cannot anticipate one happening until it’s too late. It really brought it home to me the importance of taking care whilst driving. I’ll be the first to admit that at times I fiddle around with my bag and even thought it as ok to change songs on my phone. But when something like this happens it really opens your eyes to how quickly life can change. I’ve been consciously making an effort to put my bag in the back of the car so I cannot access anything that could distract me.

I know quite a few people who don’t instinctively put their seatbelts on when they get into a car. For me it’s automatic and I always make my passengers wear them too. If your one of those who thinks, I’m only going round the corner I’ll be fine, please think twice about it. I’ve always been quite a cocky driver "I wont crash" "I trust myself" blah blah blah. But something I realised this week is that no matter how good a driver you are, you cannot predict other drivers. A scary thought, but one that is matter of fact.

I’m sure most, if not all of you are great and safe drivers, but if you or anyone you know don’t like wearing a seatbelt, please tell them to think again. They really do save lives :)

Thanks for reading lovelies, like I said this isn’t a normal subject but something that I felt a duty to talk about and to reiterate to everyone the importance of being safe.

We’ve only got one life, so let’s look after it :-)

Till next time....

Sophie xxx



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