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Favorite Posts of the Week #1

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been very present on social media over the past few months. You may or may not know that I was recently diagnosed with Acne, although I've only just been diagnosed I have however been suffering with the low self esteem as a backlash of this for a several months now. As you can imagine the thought of filming a video or posting anything that would include a picture of my face has been mortifying. I have been fortunate to be chosen to take part in the Sk:n Clinics Skin Challenge and am currently receiving treatment, so expect to see some selfies again soon.

Although I've not been publishing posts, Ive been reading them like mad and have discovered so many amazing bloggers. I did a post here on my top 5 bloggers at the minute. To get myself back into the swing of thing I thought I'd start by sharing with you some of the posts I've loved that week.

To kick things off lets talk food. you've gotta love a good food blog and Amuse Your Bouche is definitely up there in the top 5 for me, if your in need of a delicious simple vegetarian recipes this blog is for you. This week Becca posted a Prasorizo (greek rice with leeks) recipe that looks amazing. I can't wait to try it.

Last month I discovered Jenny Purr and oh my god is her blog amazing. She posts such insightful and useful things on such a wide spectrum of topics that I really think theres something for all of you. This week she posted 8 Ways To Stay Positive which really struck a chord with me. I love these types of posts at the best of times but this one came just at the right time. She also posted Building a Better Routine which is definitely something I need to do, her tips are simple yet effective and are definitely something I'm going to start implementing, or at least try to.

Another useful post this week was from A Little Opulent and it was all about Finding Your Creative Feet. If your in need of some inspiration or motivation to get you back into the swing of blogging this post will get you off to a great start.

Zoe London let us in on some of her Tips for Blogging Photography Backgrounds this week. I love a good post on photography tips, I could definitely use them so this was great. I love her creativity.

I haven't read a tips post in a long time where I've genuinely had a *gasp* reaction and gone running to try it out. When Design Love Fest posted the Little Life Lessons I thought I could expect to see some same old, but oh no these are real out there.. who knew putting a penny at the bottom of a vase made flowers last longer (I know, right?) go check it out its awesome.

Finally is a post that has inspired me and I'm contemplating joining. Its The Blog-Tember Challenge, basically Bailey has given an idea for something to write about everyday in September, I am seriously contemplating joining. It sounds so fun and would be a great way to get back into writing. If you fancy checking that out its over on Brave Love 

What posts have you been loving this week? share them in the comments below.



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