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Weightloss Wednesday #1

Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with my weight.  I eat a burger... and you can literally see it on my hips the next day. As a young child I was slim, before ballooning during my early teens. As I grew taller through high school it seemed to level out, but after leaving college, getting a full time office job and settling into a comfortable relationship, I soon started to pile on the pounds.

Last January my weight had really crept up (by nearly 3 stone), enough was enough and It was time take control. I decided to join slimming world and instantly the weight started dropping off. By April I had lost nearly 2.5 Stones, I was doing so well but unfortunately my anxiety started to get in the way and I gradually started to go less and less before stopping altogether. Over the past year I have continued to lose half a stone, then put it back on, its kind of a vicious cycle.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I stopped smoking on 5th September. Although It's the best thing I've ever done, unfortunately It's helped me put on an extra stone. So with that and the fact that I have an under active thyroid, I just have to do something to get the weight off, and keep it off, before it becomes a big issue.

I've been calorie counting whilst following the principles of Slimming world for a while now, but felt that I was falling off at the weekends. So I decided to join Weight Watchers Online after recommendation from a friend. I thought it would be a good opportunity to really concentrate on what I'm eating as I'm not really sure of what you can eat on the plan, its new and fresh and will require my full attention. I joined on Monday and so far have struggled to get to grips with what is good and bad on the plan, but over the next week I plan to get to grips with it and update you with my thought's then. I've downloaded the app so ill see how I get on :)

Have you ever done Weight Watchers? How did you get on?
Any tips/recipes welcome, leave me links :D



  1. The weight watchers is really good and you can eat a little bit of everything so your not depriving yourself of anything! I'm tiny but I tend to get bloated and put weight around my middle and I've found that the skinny teas can really help with that and keep the weight from creeping back on! Don't buy the branded ones as they are really expensive but if you look for something with burdock or nettle in it in a health shop it can really help:) hope you reach all your weight goals and the weight watchers plans work out for you!!!! Good luck :D xxxxxxx

  2. I've never tried WW, but I've heard from some friends that it's good! Good luck :) Beth xo


  3. Good Luck with this!

    I've never tried WW or SW, but some of my friends have and have had good results. For me I find the key is to start small. I cut out Fizzy Drinks first. And to allow yourself a treat once in a while!

  4. We know what you mean, as we're getting older our metabolism is definitely slowing down. Personally we just believe in everything in moderation, we eat lots of good stuff like fruit & veg but also biscuits/cakes etc. Never joined WW, but guess it works in the same principle, you get your goods & bad food. Big congrats on quitting smoking by the way :-) You must feel so much better & healthier. Let us know your updates with the WW plan :-)

    x Roch & Tash x


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